Construction and assembly
works in Mangistau district of Kazakhstan

Industrial, residential, community infrastructure and facilities
in Western Kazakhstan in the city of Aktau and Mangistau district

General Information

Finial LLC founded in 1998.

The mainbusiness is the realization of large-scale constructionprograms on a contract basis in the territory of the Republic of Kazahstan.Kompaniyahas the necessary manufacturing capacity and infrastructure in the fieldproduction work, including access roads and transmission devices.

As part of the executive office, and production departmentsconstruction, highly qualified specialists who haveyears of experience in organizing and managing large construction projects.

Maintain close production ties, continuity and mutually beneficial cooperation with organizations and artists, installation and special construction works on a contractual basis, allow our company to complete construction, regardless of the degree of complexity and amount of work, with the assistance of the necessary number of workers, construction equipment, machinery and equipment from any region of the country.

The experience gained in the construction of complex objects of any complexity, broad local and international relations creates the possibility of providing all kinds of services, and an extensive commercial activities allow us to be optimistic about the future.

The mission, goals and objectives

Finial LLC functions in order to improvepeople's lives, our storudnikov, our business partners, ourconsumers, ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of partners andConsumers in high-quality housing and non-residential buildings, thethe most sposobstovat prosperity of our Motherland - Kazakhstan.

Strategic goal

Become the first choice of customers in the construction industry. To be able to optimally implement projects for the construction of large objects with complex architecture and a large number of floors, construction of plants, of high-risk, complex engineering structures, objects of culture.


of the Finial LLC based on values​​,which are the basis for the construction and technical activities around the world,this:

  • Reliability and safety of structures
  • Economy projects
  • Professional CompetenceEmployees
  • Cooperation with specialists in areasactivities
  • Performing commitments

Finial LLC complies with the guidelinesdocuments developed by the executive authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Development Strategy

Our desire to be ahead of the implementation strategy is based on sixthe key benefits:

Personal competence and perfection

Continuously maintain their skills at a high level in all the keycompetencies essential for successful project management. Having allthe necessary databases, to update them in a timely manner. Maintain and developknowledge base of the company. Educate staff

Customer Focus.Creating new value

We offer products and services with the bestprice-quality ratio, focusing on the needs ofour client and the constant creation of new value.

Market coverage

Finial LLC seeks to expand its operationsby increasing the portfolio of orders for the largest, most complex andresponsible projects and expanding the range of services provided. LLPFinial has a broad geographic scope of the market, performingContracts for the entire territory of Mangistau region of Kazakhstan.

Strong office material - technical supply, due to the closepartnerships with suppliers, allows you to quickly and economicallyeffectively address an uninterrupted supply of construction projects andcost optimization during the operation.

On an ongoing basisdivisions of the company employs more than 100 workers in various constructionspecialties.

In the construction of large objects are involvedextra work, we are a long and successful work. Such a schemeresource management, as well as the existence of serious long-term contractors,allow flexibility to respond to the needs of our customers and successfullyperform work on objects of any complexity.

As part of the leadershipcompany employs professionals who have worked in the buildingthe industry for over 20 years

The quality of work and services

The priority of the company is to continuously improvethe quality of work and services in accordance with the established in the corporationThe quality control program and with the help of a quality management system,meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007.

The Integrated Management System ISO9001: 2000, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007 enables Finial LLC optimize the overall process parameters such as the termsconstruction, quality of work and services, costs, and to take a leading position in theconstruction market in Kazakhstan.


The company will take over management of the construction and execution of the customer's property

  • Coordination and management of works on the design and construction phases;
  • Monitoring of performance of contractual obligations by the Contractors and ensure fulfillment of obligations by the Customer;
  • monthly verification and validation of completed works;
  • Monitoring of the implementation schedule of construction;
  • budgetary control of construction;
  • Technical supervision of construction works, including:
    • verification and transmission of working documents for execution
    • Quality control of works
    • Acceptance Test of installed equipment
    • Participation in the working committee for acceptance of completed project
  • logistical and purchase support of the project;
  • connection of utilities, according to the specifications of the project;
  • Putting the object into operation, preparation of the executive and other and documentation.



Environmental Management System, ISO 14001:2004, Finial LLP, Russian
Environmental Management System, ISO 14001:2004, Finial LLP
Ocupational Health and Safety Management System, OHSAS 18001:2007, Finial LLP, russian
Ocupational Health and Safety Management System, OHSAS 18001:2007, Finial LLP
Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008, Finial LLP
Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008, Finial LLP, russian
State License, Finial LLP
Application to the state license
Application to the state license
Application to the state license
Quality management system certificate of conformity
Quality management system certificate of conformity (KAZ)
Certificate domestic supplier of works and services from the Association of procurement. page 1
Certificate domestic supplier of works and services from the Association of procurement. page 2
Certificate domestic supplier of works and services from the Association of procurement. page 3


What our clients talk about us

Nesterenko V.

Technical director Aktaugaz Company

Finial LLP -  is the permanent  and reliable Contractor on objects of construction. On  kind of the activity carries out all complex of construction work, has the license for performance of design and exploration work. Having in the structure high experienced specialist and workers, during the industrial activity the enterprise carried out construction work on many objects of construction of city and area.

In 2003-2004 the enterprise executed works on liquidation Extreme situation gas pipeline area with high pressure GRS – Aktau city.

All construction and erection  works were executed according to the  technical documentation and specifications.

The works are carried out at a up to the marked technical  level, with observance of building norms and rules, according to the project.

Finial LLP, as  general contractor , has all opportunities to carry out  all construction and special works on construction of objects in time, in workmanlike manner and with the creative initiative.

Baimuhanbetov M.

Chief of the Custom Department

Finial LLP has shown itself as the reliable partner, that has prove  intention for further cooperation  with this firm.

Neizer V.

Head Doctor SES

Finial LLP  has shown  itself as  the reliable partner, since all construction, electro-assembly, finishing works in building were executed skillfully  and in proper time,  what has prove  intention for further cooperation  with this firm.

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